Parts of speech in Arabic

Before explaining you part of speech in Arabic language, I will remind you parts of speech in English.

kinds of words in arabic with english explanation

Parts of speech in English

English Language has 8 parts of speech, they are:

1. Noun: word refers to thing, place, person.

2. Pronoun: word that replaces the noun, such as: he, she, you, etc.

3. Adjective: word that describes a noun, such as: high, tall, short, etc.

4. Adverb: word that gives additional information to verb, such as: slowly, tomorrow, etc.

5. verb: word that describe the action, such as: run, study, etc.

6. interjection: word that is independent of other words, such as: hello, etc.

7. Conjunction: word that joins two clauses in a sentence, such as: and, but, etc.

8. Preposition: word used to relate a noun/pronoun to some other part, such as: at, of, etc.

Parts of speech in Arabic

Arabic language has 3 parts of speech, they are:

1. اِسْمٌ  = noun

2. فِعْلٌ  = verb

3. حَرْفٌ  = letter or particle

Parts of speech in Arabic vs. English

Observe the image below to make you understand part of speech in Arabic vs. English

diagram parts of speech Arabic vs. English

From the image we can draw conclusion that:

- noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, interjection in Arabic are classified as Noun => اِسْمٌ 

- verb is classified as فِعْلٌ 

- Others (conjunction and preposition) are classified as حَرْفٌ

Examples of  اِسْمٌ

- كِتَابٌ  = a book

- أَحْمَدُ = Ahmad

- قَلَمٌ  = a pen

Examples of فِعْلٌ

- ذَهَبَ  = he went

- فَتَحَ  = he opened

- يَسْمَعُ = he hears (he is hearing)

Examples of حَرْفٌ

- عَلَى = on

- مِنْ  = from

- فِي  = in; at

That's all for today.

In the next lesson, I will explain you two types of noun and characteristics of a noun.